Thursday, April 30, 2009


aigoo. i love reading fashion blogs.

hah. it's funny. i don't even sigh anymore.
i've reverted to saying 'aigoo' under my breath.
korean culture is conquering my mind.

today, i feel particularily creative and productive, and it makes me feel infinite.

Monday, April 27, 2009



okay. SHIT. what the hell am i gonna do with my life?
obviously i can't get by on photography. so something where i can see the world and bring my camera with my job.

foreign affairs correspondent, am i right? i dig that stuff. get a degree in humanities.
but no, i don't wanna go to africa. i'm afraid i don't want aids.

journalist? my mom doesn't dig the starving artist thing even though i do.
i'm strongly considering it.

fuck everything. if all else fails, i'm opening a small coffee shop in new york city and living off of that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i am both sad and happy
and i am still trying to figure out how that could be.

Friday, April 17, 2009


if you wish it,
wish it now.
if you wish it,
wish it loud.
if you want it,
say it now.
if you want it,
say it loud.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


overdramatic. fanatic. obsessed. sensitive. caring. unusual. quiet. relaxed. obnoxious. thoughtful. insightful. intellectual. childish. explorer. idiotic. brilliant. logical. idealist. dreamer. hopeful. observant. wallflower. artistic. creative. determined. lethargic. resourceful. retarded. silly. serious.

i'm taking a shot at describing myself, and i've discovered that i am just a big mix of contradictions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i would love nothing more than to just be your friend, and to talk to you.

too bad i'm so good at awkward-ing things up.
i also blame my knack of kicking and then killing conversations.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i'm not getting any younger.

what the fuck. today i was dreaming about my future, blah blah, the usual. then my grandma reminded me...
that i'm graduating next year.

THAT IS SO SCARY TO THINK ABOUT. i have one year left until i become a productive member of society, and quite frankly, i'm not anticipating it. at all. and whats worse than that is the fact that i feel like i have accomplished NOTHING the past sixteen years of my life.
now i feel so stupid for dreaming about what will be. i mean, it's important, and it's what i want more than anything, but i spend so much time focusing on it that i don't participate in life.

so today, i'm making a vow to change myself a little. i'm going to be more daring, obnoxious, and exciting as ever. no more staying in the background. i want to change before i regret not doing anything.

right now my mom said 'college' and 'kathy' in the same sentence. fuck you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


three things.

1. i love new york city.
2. i managed to finish goong last night, and it made me really happy.
3. i miss new york city.

Friday, April 3, 2009


hmm. my mom took away my privilege to get down with my friends today, and i've spent the past 5 hours listening to old songs i used to love.
as a result, i feel the need to write the importance of my top 15 most played songs (according to iTunes) on my blog.
in order...

1. Call To Arms by Angels and Airwaves (1,712 plays)
- song of my sophomore year, i swear. every morning, every afternoon, every night before i went to sleep, i would listen to this and dream about walking up a big hill and reaching the top and screaming the chrorus.

2. Sirens by Angels and Airwaves (775)
- i think this had so many plays because i would leave it on repeat in the past when i talked to nard on the phone, and i would fall asleep with it on. but this is a really great song...i like your eyes wide.

3. Spaceman by The Killers (682)
- HAHA. this song brought me back to the killers. it's the only song i liked off of day and age, but it basically made up for every other song. it is so FUCKING great. i really like the bass when bflow starts singing the 'my global position systems are vocally adressed'. sexy. and then the beginning and the end are so much fun to sing along to. i dream of singing that on top of a hill, too. i must have a fetish/huge desire to do that.

4. Kelsey by Metro Station (603)
- THIS HAS SO MANY PLAYS BECAUSE I USED TO PLAY MAPLESTORY TO THIS SONG ALL THE TIME. I SWEAR. plus the fact that i thought it was the cutest song ever last year. but that's a secret.

5. Everything's Magic by Angels & Airwaves (599)
- another part of my fetish for singing on top of hills. and it's really catchy and i can dance to it! but i have alot of memories connected to this drooling and crying over justin. silly bsns, that was.

6. Make Out Kids by Motion City Soundtrack (536)
- sweeet bass line. the lyrics also connected with my freshman year crush and led to me thinking about him. and i swear, thinking about him would make me feel infinite.

7. Just Like Heaven by The Cure (445)
- favourite song in the history of forever? i think so. this is the best love song, hands down.

8. The Antidote by The Hint (443)
- AWW. MY VERY FIRST LOCAL SHOW @ RM. that was the best. and then getting to know the band themselves, and drooling over timmy and harrison wargo. these were the best times. besides that, i love the lyrics. "i hope you see this is real, i promise never to change."

9. Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship (437)
- HMM. i remember falling in love with this song while procrastinating on my photography essay. and the music video was so cool! so freaking catchy. this is the song that really got me into cobra.

10. Take Care by A Change of Pace (415)
- continually reminds me of the first time i almost fell in love. haha. crushes make me feel alive.

11. When the Day Met the Night by Panic at the Disco (406)
- MY FAVORITE PANIC SONG. i could listen to this for hours. i used to. i still do. the lyrics are so cute, and it makes me dream in an old-fashioned kind of way. this song makes me feel infinite, too.

12. Mad As Rabbits by Panic at the Disco (360)
- REINVENT LOVE. another all time favorite.

13. Adelaide by Anberlin (341)
- this is getting repetative, but again, reminds me of my first almost love. i have so many songs for you.

14. The Patty Hearst Syndrome by Smoke or Fire (320)
- THE SONG OF MY SUMMER AFTER 9TH GRADE. going to canada/road trip with maribeth. i listened to this all the time, and i kept thinking about how much i relate to it. oh, and listening to it during health class. i loved that summer. and playing maplestory with my F5ers...oh my goodness. so many good memories with this song.

15. Blues Drives Monster by the pillows (309)
- this was the beginning of my sophomore year, when i was like TOOOTAALLY all over i loved this song because of FLCL, which was my favorite anime at the time. and i loved it because i could relate to justin about how great FLCL and the pillows were. this is my favorite song by them.

i think these are my favorite songs, ever.