Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I need to post this somewhere.
Originally posted on my tumblr, but it makes my tumblr have something disgusting in it. And I don't want that.
Blogspot sucks. kthainkz.

Dear Anonymous,

I have never met anyone as unpleasant as you. EVER.

You never shut the fuck up, do you? Quit your bitching. All you do is troll on what other people care about. You always say that people can’t do shit to change anything, but doesn’t this apply to you, too? You will never change shit, even when you write a huge, wordy paragraph, because all you talk about is how something is impossible to accomplish. That isn’t gonna change someone’s opinion on something, if they have enough heart to believe what they believe in. And nothing is impossible.

And isn’t it funny how you say it’s a joke whenever you voice your opinion by trolling on someone? What the fuck is that? Just say what you mean. Don’t get all defensive when people start getting angry at you. Take responsibility, SERIOUS responsibility, for what you say.

And most of all, quit fucking looking down on people because of their music taste. That’s just fucking dumb. MUSIC IS MUSIC, IT IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED. THERE IS NO “BEST” GENRE. What people enjoy DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL.

I seriously hope that one day you get over your sickening superiority complex.

Regards, Kat.

This kid SERIOUSLY trolled on Invisible Children. Invisible Children, AND my best friend. i have never seriously hated someone, but if anything, he deserves it. I am so sick of his shitty attitude.

'kay. bye forever, blogspot. i have shared an enormous amount of memories with you.

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